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Sell Cattle - Listing Page

It's very easy to get started! Just submit your information using the simple form below. Then you will receive a confirmation email verifying your listing and the listing number assigned to your cows.

Cattle Description & Information


Please Select  One Of The Following

Bred Cows   Pairs   Bull

Yearlings or Feeder Calves

Bred or Replacement Heifers


Number Of Head
Months Bred
or Pairs
Have Cattle Been
Pregnancy Tested
If So, When
Type Of Bulls
Bred To
Have Cattle Been With Bulls
If So, How Long
When Will These Cattle Start Calving
Do These Cattle
Have Horns
What Type Of
Type Of Pasture Or Feed Cattle Are On
Additional Notes
or Special Request

Pricing & Delivery Information

Origin Of Cattle
Current Location
Are Cattle
Available Now
If Not, List A Delivery Date
Delivery Or
Shipping Point
What Size Lot
Will You Sell
These Cattle
Buyer Takes All
Truck Load Lots
Will Sell Smaller Lots
Sale Price
Firm     Negotiable
Payment Options
Wire Transfer
Cashier's Check
Check W/ Bank Letter
Other (Please Explain Below)
Additional Pricing
& Delivery Information


Owner & Contact Information

Owner Name
Zip/Postal Code
Cell Phone
Verify Email
Contact Name

(If Different Than Owner)
Contact Phone
Cell Phone
When Would Be
The Best Time
To Call

All personal information submitted to CowFinders.com will only be used to conduct business and transfer information between CowFinders.com and you. CowFinders.com does not and will not sell or trade any personal information submitted to us.

Here at CowFinders.com we respect your privacy with what we call a privacy protected listing system. Instead of having your contact info displayed for any spammer that comes by to collect. The buyers interested in your listing notify us. Then we will contact you and let you know that we have someone interested in your listing.

We appreciate your business and respect your privacy. If you have any questions please review our Privacy Policy or Contact Us.

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