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Listing Terms & Conditions

You must agree to the following Terms & Conditions in there entirety to submit a listing of any type to CowFinders.com.

CowFinders.com offers no guarantees or warranties, expressed or implied , to the fact of the sale of your listing. There are too many factors beyond our control. CowFinders.com will use all methods and sources possible to help facilitate the sale of you listing.

CowFinders.com is not responsible for incorrect, misleading errors, or any other type of mistakes in listing information. It is the responsibility of the listing party to confirm information is correct and accurate. It is also the responsibility of the listing party to inform CowFinders.com of any listing error that needs to be corrected.

CowFinders.com will maintain your listing until it is sold or a period of six weeks whichever should come first. If your listing should remain unsold for a period of six weeks, you will receive an email notification asking if the listing has sold via CowFinders.com or a different medium other than CowFinders.com. If your listing has not sold, you will be asked if you would like to extend the listing for an additional six weeks.

It will be the listing party's responsibility to inform CowFinders.com if your listing has been sold. No matter how it was sold either thru CowFinders.com or other means. We ask you to do this, so that sold listings can be removed from the system and will not clutter or bog down the system.

CowFinders.com reserves the right to refuse any listing that we feel is not compatible with our website.

At CowFinders.com it is our goal to provide a professional and friendly venue to help cattle & livestock buyers procure quality cattle & livestock, while also helping cattle & livestock sellers find quality buyers.

Here at CowFinders.com we respect your privacy with what we call a privacy protected listing system. Instead of having your contact info displayed for any spammer that comes by to collect. We have the buyers interested in your listing notify us. Then we will contact you and let you know that we have someone interested in your listing.

If you choose to have your contact info displayed with your listing, then you agree that CowFinders.com can and will not be held responsible for any misuse of that information beyond our website. You also agree that CowFinders.com will not be responsible for any unauthorized use of trademark or copyright protected files beyond our website.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions concerning the above terms & conditions.


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